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4 Myths About Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond drilling

Diamond core drilling is a popular practice around the globe. With time, it has progressed to the point where drill bits consist of diamonds for drilling purposes. As a result, productivity has experienced tremendous growth. However, while there is no doubt that productivity has increased over the years but there are still some myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Sometimes people tend to get confused even by hearing the term itself. Therefore, in this article, we are going to address popular myths about diamond core drilling so that the concept becomes clear. Let’s begin.

Myth #1: Concrete Cutting Is Messy

The first popular myth surrounding diamond core drilling is that it is a messy process, which in reality isn’t. When a driller is done drilling, very little dust is left behind and the debris could be removed easily. If you had assumed that diamond core drilling leaves huge piles of dust and debris, then you were wrong. In fact, companies prefer the diamond core drilling method because the rummage left behind is close to not being noticeable. If there is dust, it can simply be removed using water.

Myth #2: Does Not Require Special Training

This is where most people get it wrong. Diamond core drilling is exactly the opposite of mechanical drilling. The reason being that in the case of diamond core drilling, one needs to be very precise and accurate. Therefore, diamond core drillers are specialized and carry years of experience. You have to be careful about applying the right amount of pressure, lubricants, and several other factors. In addition to that, a user must understand and implement the safety precautions and measures to avoid any injuries as well.

Myth #3: One For All

It is thought that for every drilling purpose, a single drilling blade will suffice. This is the farthest from the truth. Yes, it is true that diamond blades are versatile and are designed to drill through different types of materials. However, no drilling blade comes with suitable specifications for all. Each blade is built to serve a different purpose. Depending on the material you are working on, your drilling machine as well as the diamond drill bit and diamonds will vary as well. 

Myth #4: Water Prolongs Blade’s Life

While it is suggested that water be used as a lubricant to prevent extreme friction and temperature, it is dubious to think that it prolongs the blade’s life. As a matter of fact, it reduces the wear and tear that otherwise occurs due to not using lubricants. If the temperature rises to an alarming level, the concrete slab might fracture. 

Final Word

Today, diamond drilling is known to be a very efficient concrete drilling technique. Not only does it improve productivity but accuracy as well. Diamond core drilling depends on the nature of your work and the drill bits you will be using. With all the myths now debunked, we are sure to have made it clear what diamond core drilling is and how it actually differs from what people falsely assume.

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